Broken MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad

and how I fixed it for $25.00

I have read about many other people having the same problem. That's probably why you're here. When I put the battery in my 2008 MacBook Pro the keyboard and trackpad would not respond. I had to keep it plugged in and the battery removed for it to respond at all. Eventually, even that didn't work and I had to plug in an external mouse and keyboard. Very frustrating.

I now have my MacBook Pro working again and it only cost me about $25. Here is how I did it.

The first thing I did was to buy the part. I found it here, Make sure you get the correct cable for your model. I have the MacBook Pro A1260, so this is the cable I used. I also opted for a set of screwdrivers and a nylon probe tool. Both proved to be very handy. I also bought anti-static tape as I had read that the tape inside was often ruined once it was peeled away. With the additional tools that I bought I spent another twenty-five dollars. I also searched and found coupons to use at the site.

My next step was to follow along with this video. There is a second and third video to this series but the goal is to exchange the entire keyboard. I did not need to do that so I was basically on my own now. I detached the orange cable from every place that it was connected. At the point that it plugs in under the battery there is a clear plastic rectangle covering the entire area. I used the flat end of the nylon tool to gently pry that up just enough to release the cable. At that point there is also a little flip-up boot that releases the cable. There is also one down the next section of the cable where there seems to be a connection directly out from the middle of the cable. That is actually there for the keyboard backlight feature. At the end of the cable there are three other wire sections plugged in. On the top of each of these there is a release that the sharp end of the nylon probe tool can be used to release. Just push through the square opening while gently pulling on the wires. They should disconnect without pulling too hard if you have the release pushed. One of these has two release points that both need to be pushed but you can push them one at a time and wiggle the wire loose.

After you have removed the old cable you can install the new cable. I started at the point that I finished removing the old cable and worked in reverse. First I plugged all three wires in and then moved on to connecting the backlight portion of the cable. You may have to peel the backing off the cable and stick it down at certain points to get the cable to stay where you need it. After that I connected to the part of the cable that sits under the battery, then placed the clear plastic rectangle back in place. At this point I put new anti-static tape at any point that I had removed it, which included the backlight connection. Then I put the top cover back into the laptop at an angle and plugged in the final connection and covered it with anti-static tape.

Finally, I put the top cover back in its proper place and proceeded to replace all the screws that had come out. At points I watched the beginning of the video again to make sure that I put the screws in the correct places.

And that's how I fixed my MacBook Pro. I lived with a broken keyboard and trackpad for at least six months, probably more. I now have a fully working laptop computer again, and all for less than the price that any company I contacted would have charged me just to look at the machine.

Overall, I planned on two hours to work on the computer and it only took me one hour to have it fully fixed and put back together.

Good luck, everyone! I hope this helps.